Why Aluminum Can Bank of America?

No curbside recycling available in your community? Tired of driving to a far away recycling center to get money for the valuable metal? Ready to support green initiatives in your community and start encouraging other around you to do the same? Aluminum Can Bank of America can be your partner in conserving energy, keeping your community cleaner, and providing a valuable resource for the everyday recycler. We make recycling fun and easy for everyone!

Important information about Aluminum Can Bank:
  • Easily installed and operated.
  • Aluminum Can Bank is an outdoor reverse vending machine for recycling aluminum cans. The machine pays you!
  • Our technology is extremely accurate and has been approved by Weights and Measures.
  • Allows you to avoid going to a dirty, often out-of-the-way junk yards or recycling centers.
  • An aluminum can that is placed in one of our can banks can be recycled and back on the shelf within six weeks.