Get a Can Bank at Your Location

Aluminum Can Banks are perfect to help communities promote recycling and a better, cleaner, greener living environment. ACB’s are perfect for college campuses, cities, parks, convenience stores, community centers, and anywhere your customers, fellow citizens, or visitors pass by on a regular basis.

The benefits of an Aluminum Can Bank are many:

Be Green: Send a positive environmental message to the surrounding community.

Stay Clean: Can Banks encourage proper waste removal in high traffic areas through our cash for cans model – which means your property stays clean and litter free!

Drive Traffic: Customers will be drawn to your location for their can recycling, so expect to see an uptick in foot traffic to your property! In addition, our high-tech reverse vending technology can dispense coupons targeted to drive traffic to your business or other local businesses!

What do I need to get started?

Here is the best part about being an ACBA Partner – NO WORK FOR YOU!

All you need to provide is an electrical source, an 8’ x 8’ accessible footprint, and 12’ of height clearance. Everything else is taken care of by Aluminum Can Bank of America. That’s right – maintenance, cleaning, emptying recycled cans and refilling cash for dispensing are all part of the deal.

Available Electric Source

8′ X 8′ Footprint Space

12′ Height Clearance